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Eye Disease Treatment

While ocular health problems can occur at any age, the most common conditions are those associated with aging. If not identified and monitored early, serious vision impairment can occur. At Eyecare Kingston we offer a variety of eye disease treatments.

Are you aware…

that 90 per cent of optometrists are able to see patients at short notice and can prescribe them medication. The Ontario Association of Optometrists has published a report that called for changes to the way eye care is approached in the province. The heart of the problem, is that Canadians don’t realize where to go for eye problems. At Eyecare Kingston we urge people to visit their eye doctor to decipher the cause of their eye problems, such as red eye before waiting in the hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's a history of glaucoma in my family. Am I at a higher risk of developing it?

If there is glaucoma in the family, then statistically you may be at a higher risk of developing it, especially if you are a smoker. However, if Glaucoma is diagnosed early, it can often be treated effectively, so it is critical to get regular exams and notify your eye doctor there is a history of glaucoma in your family. Your eye doctor may recommend more regular eye tests to make sure any early symptoms are detected.

Can an eye test help to spot the early signs of diabetes?

Yes, an eye exam can be the first clue to detecting diabetes and other hidden health concerns. Over time a high blood-glucose level can weaken and damage the tiny blood vessels next to the retina. Your Eyecare Kingston eye doctor may be able to spot what's known as a 'dot haemorrhage' or tiny leak from a damaged blood vessel, which is one of the indications of diabetes. People with diabetes are at significant risk of preventable vision loss when they fail to get an annual comprehensive eye exam.


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