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Contact lenses are a discreet way of managing eyesight without being tied to wearing a pair of glasses. Many patients prefer contact lenses because they are comfortable, convenient, and capable of correcting vision impairments without affecting appearance. There are two classifications of contact lenses – soft and hard. Soft lenses are the most popular and are most commonly used to treat people with age-related vision loss, astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. Soft lenses form to the shape of the eye and will stay in place during the length of the wear. Hard lenses, on the other hand, provider crisper vision, but are less versatile and more likely to move out of place.

Are you aware…

that the risk of eye infections associated with internet/mail order purchase of contact lenses is nearly five times higher than when lenses were dispensed from an optometrist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can wear contact lenses? At what age can you start?

If you require lenses to correct your vision and are looking for a non-surgical alternative to eyeglasses, you may be a candidate for contact lenses. Numerous studies have found that children as young as eight years of age can adapt to, handle and care for contacts, however that depends on how responsible the child is. This decision is best made jointly between you, your child and your eye doctor. To find out if contacts are right for you, schedule an appointment with your Eyecare Kingston eye doctor.

What should I expect when I am fitted for contact lenses?

Your Eyecare Kingston eye doctor will conduct a thorough eye exam and prescribe a contact lens brand and power based on the results of your eye exam and your frequency of use. At your exam, you will be fitted with a trial pair of lenses and asked to return for a follow up visit.

Is it difficult to take care of contact lenses?

Advances in technology make contacts convenient and easy to use. Caring for contact lenses is easy with multipurpose lens solution. You will be given instructions designed to help you protect your new contacts, as well as your eyes. If you fail to follow these instructions, you risk getting a corneal infection that could threaten your sight.


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