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Our optometrist at Eyecare Kingston has advanced training and is board certified by the College of Optometrists of Ontario for the treatment and management of ocular disease. We are pleased to offer exceptional eye care services to Kingston and the surrounding area.

Eye Exams

Eye exams are professional screenings used to evaluate the health of your eyes. A complete eye exam involves a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for vision impairments as well as eye diseases. The tests are performed by your eye doctor to analyze various functions of the eye, such as color differentiation, distance vision, and peripheral awareness. A comprehensive eye exam at Eyecare Kingston can identify vision complications during their earliest stages, providing your eye doctor the opportunity to treat them more easily.

At Eyecare Kingston we offer advanced diagnostic equipment and technology to provide you the most comprehensive care possible. For additional information and the learn more about the individual tests, click here.

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Pediatric Vision

Eye health and vision is an important part of a child’s social and cognitive development, especially as they enter school. Early detection and prompt treatment of eye problems in children is important to avoid life-long visual impairment. An untreated ocular issue can greatly impede a child’s ability to learn, play, and even socialize. Eighty per cent of classroom learning is done through the eyes, and studies show that difficulty learning is often connected to a correctable vision problem.

We encourage parents to include a trip to the optometrist on the list of children's check-ups. According to the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO), infants should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age. Children should receive additional eye exams at 3 years of age, and just before they enter kindergarten or the first grade at about age 5 or 6. This commitment to early detection is the best way to ensure your child’s healthy vision for successful development.

We are a proud member of the Eye See...Eye Learn initiative. This is a program helping to identify vision problems in Ontario’s young children. The program provides free eye exams (covered by OHIP) and complimentary eyeglasses to Junior Kindergarten children, when needed.

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Photo for pediatric vision at Eyecare Kingston | Dr. Michael Lewis, Optometrist


At Eyecare Kingston, you will select from a variety of frames by well-known designers. In addition to our vast selection of exclusive frame styles, we offer the latest in lens technology, to ensure our patients receive optimum visual performance from their lenses. Our experienced and licensed optician will guide you through our wide variety of choices, styles, and lens options to best suit you, your lifestyle and your budget.

Sunglasses are also a part of our collection, not only do they look fashionable, but they also help protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. At Eyecare Kingston we are committed to maintaining your best possible vision and eye health, therefore we only offer the highest quality lenses that come with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

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Ocular Health Evaluations

A complete evaluation not only consists of a vision exam, but also includes a complete ocular health evaluation. Many systemic diseases are found through these thorough exams and can be diagnosed and treated to prevent further damage.

Having good ocular health means that vision is at least 20/20 or better with or without correction and the eyes are disease-free. There are simple corrective and preventive measures to maintain good vision and enjoy lifelong ocular health. At Eyecare Kingston your eye doctor will allow time to discuss your ocular health needs and make certain that you have a complete understanding of your diagnosis, preventive measures to maintain and other treatment options, if required.

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Photo for ocular health evaluations at Eyecare Kingston | Dr. Michael Lewis, Optometrist

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a discreet way of managing vision impairments without being tied to a pair of glasses. With all the latest technological advancements, contact lenses are now able to correct most refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Many patients choose contacts over glasses because they are comfortable, convenient, and capable of correcting eyesight without affecting appearance. The flexibility and convenience of contact lenses are attracting a great number of people and most people requiring vision correction can wear contact lenses without experiencing any problems. At Eyecare Kingston, your eye doctor will consider your overall vision problems, the health of your eyes, and your specific visual needs and lifestyles when recommending the best product to suit you.

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